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Frontier Environmental Services, Inc. (Frontier) was incorporated in September 1996 to provide specialized design, engineering, construction, remedial and management services for industry and the environmental and safety regulated community. Frontier provides design-build and management advisory services specifically formatted for facility sensitive infrastructure projects, as well as other sensitive scopes of work involving hazardous material processing, handling, and management. Frontier's staff and ownership has an individual average of more than 16 years experience in the engineering, design, industrial processing, construction, management consulting, and hazardous materials management business. Frontier entered the market with a strong reputation and name recognition of its principals. Frontier has the ability to bring together technical, engineering, and management expertise to establish a project-specific team through long-standing relationships with other small businesses and specialty companies. Frontier has a strong bonding capacity for construction, an established risk management program, and a partnership arrangement of experienced, multi-disciplinary professionals. Our approach is based on flexibility and adaptability to our client's needs and the requirements of a changing market. Our mission as an environmental solutions company is to:

  • Differentiate Frontier within the industry in sensitivity to our clients' needs
  • Responsiveness
  • Breadth and depth of technical/management expertise
  • Development of practical, cost-effective, and innovative solutions
  • Value returned to the client for the money spent






  5350 Vivian St. Unit B
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